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At MGM Machinery, we have a diverse range of different configurations available with our beam saws that can help our customer’s accurate and quality cutting needs. As we put service before sales, you can be rest-assured of a welcomed friendly experience – not a structured pressurized one. We are just your average Aussie blokes who love a good yarn – so come chat with us. 

Among our stock we have AES ALPHA PS-04/05 & ALPHA PS-05/-06. These models can be configured to suit our customers specific needs and requirements.

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For many years, the beam saw has been a key part of the woodworking machinery industry. Beam Saws are the ideal solution for your company’s, precise and accurate cutting needs, regardless of the type of woodworking your company performs, because it provides flawless precision and makes working on cutting components clean, easy, and uncomplicated.

Beam Saws are said to be the best machine to use in many industries for cutting wood, plastic, composite, aluminum, metal, and many other materials and are the most accurate way to cut sheets. They take up a little more room than a traditional panel and with higher horsepower main motors a beam saw can cut multiple sheets at a time. These days most beam saws come with optimization packages that allow for efficient board utilization creating better yield and minimal waste.

With the ability to house larger diameter blades some beam saws can cut up to six sheets of 18 mm thick material in one pass making mass production of common sized parts simple and efficient. In today’s market with so many manufacturing software’s available from 3D drawing software and typical Cad Cam packages, the use of a beam saw is fast becoming the go to for precutting panels in preparation for a CNC drilling or routing machines.


The material is held in place by grippers on a moving carriage and when the carriage is moved into position the pressure beam comes down holding the material in place. Once the material is in place the main saw blade and scribe lift inside the pressure beam and traverse along at the length of the beam cutting the material to size. This is all controlled by a PC and control software calculating movement and speed while optimizing the height of the saw blade and speed of the carriage, working together to create fantastic and impressive results. 


Beam Saws are one of the most efficient ways to cut precise panels and can be configured in many formats from front load, side load or rear load configurations, with manual or automatic parts labelling available to suit a variety of customer needs. Once the material is loaded onto the machine the cutting operation is fully CNC controlled and automatic, producing fast cuts and increasing operator safety by not exposing the operator to the main blade. The beam saw is the best solution to cut multiple parts in one motion and a must have for higher productivity requirements.


Whether you are a cabinet maker, joiner, sign maker or shop fitter, then the beam saw could be the right option for you. If you need to make repetitive or multiple cuts in a safe and efficient manner you could consider this kind of sawing machine. If you require faster cutting cycle times and need to look beyond other solutions in your business, then the beam saw is the only high output option to consider.


Beam saws are one of the most efficient ways to cut precise panels. The saw can do a variety of duties in a single day thanks to semi-automatic adjustments, although, some of the beam saw machines require manual operation. These machines make large-volume panel scaling a breeze with their intuitive handling and accuracy cutting. The material to be cut is held in place by a moving carriage saw and a high-pressure beam. There is a back fence that retains and transports the material to the location that is computer controlled. This enables both physical and technical factors to collaborate to create excellent goods with long-term results. With big horsepower motors, the beam saw’s saw carriage provides high feed rates. This enables a scoring saw to cut laminated and veneered materials, which is built into the design of the beam saw in action.


The majority of beam saws are priced between $2,000 to $150,000+ with the average price being $70,000+ around Australia. Although you can buy second-hand and used beam saws on the internet, but just make sure that the beam saw machine is still working well with minimum to no problems at all. The quality of the beam saw cutting machine must be ensured for the beam saw operator’s and all other woodworking employees’ safety. In addition to this, make sure that before buying the machinery, it also comes with a beam saw guide and manual booklet provided by the beam saw manufacturers. You can also see some beam saw for rent online if you are not interested in purchasing one as of the moment.


  • When working in the workshop, eye protection must be worn at all times. This is true whether or not you are dealing with the beam saw machine. Without the eye protection, this can really jeopardize your safety.
  • No trainee/student operator is permitted to work alone in any workshop. You must be accompanied by at least one professional beam saw operator. If an accident occurs, the other person can phone for assistance and come to your rescue.
  • Any injury should be treated right away. Any and all accidents/injuries caused by the beam saw machine should be reported to a professional beam saw operator and/or instructor, no matter how minor they may appear at the time. This will assist us in the future in mitigating dangers.
  • Do not use beam saw machine that you haven’t been given permission to use. This will safeguard both you and the equipment.
  • The workshop is only open to trainees/students on an authorized list.
  • The workshop does not allow pets and children. By roaming the workshop floor or even around the beam saw machine, pets and children create a diversion and a tripping hazard.