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Sawing machines are devices that cover a wide range of applications across many industries commonly used to break down material into smaller pre-determined sizes ready for the next evolutionary step in a manufacturing process. Cutting materials such as wood, plastic, steel, aluminum, or many other materials you will find different types of sawing machines whether it be a band re-saw, beam saw vertical or horizontal Panel Saw in operation around the world today in multiple industries.

Panel Saws are a type of sawing machine that cut flat sheets or timber slabs into sized parts. These types of sawing machines can either be vertical or horizontal. Although, typically, horizontal panel saws are most common, you can also find vertical panel saws that occupy less floor space commonly available in today’s market.






Saber Elite 405 NC


Saber Elite 405 M


Panel Saws are undeniably one of the most popular solutions required in any cabinet making or joinery shop, with the ability to easily make angled or compound mitre cuts that are far too time consuming on a CNC machine, their will always be a place for the Panel Saw in any manufacturing facility. With the technology available today Panel Saws are now much safer to use and with the digital crosscut fence and electric rip fence Panel Saws on the market , accuracy, productivity and precision componentry can be achieved quickly and accurately.

At MGM Machinery, we have many different types of panel saws and configurations to consider, and we will help guide you through the process to ensure your decision is the right one.

REMAFx500. Although this model is very close to REMA Fx550, the only difference of these types of panel saws is being a smaller blade capacity and a manual scribe system placed on the front of the machine. This product has almost all the same features as REMA Fx550 but comes at a much more affordable cost.

SABER Fx405. This is an automatic electronic panel saw that has a user-friendly control panel and all the options you need at your fingertips. Utilizing a clear view blade guard with dust port for complete vision; programmable, motorized rip fence; motorized main saw blade height adjustment; motorized saw blade tilt Manual scoring saw adjustment with variable main blade speed. Various sliding table lengths are available and optional digital read out on the cross-cut fence is available.

The quality Panel Saws MGM Machinery can offer are some of the most durable Panel Saws available on the market globally. With accuracy, safety, and quality of cut our focus you can be assured our experienced and industry trained technicians will implement any of our Panel Saw models professionally. Your operators will be trained in all facets of machine safety and model specific advanced features, needed to operate any of our Panel Saw Models safe proficiently.