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Edge Bander Machine in Australia

An edge bander machine is one of the essential woodworking machineries used to automate the production processes. It is used with a variety of materials with unsightly edges including MDF and Plywood. At MGM Machinery, we offer the best opportunities for our customers to acquire only the finest edge banders through our edge banders for sale in Melbourne. With our state-of-the-art edge banders, you can achieve seamless and precise edge finishing for your woodworking projects. With product brands such as Cehisa and Saber Elite, we can offer a multitude of specifications, speed and direction of feed throughout our range.

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Cehisa is a brand of edge bander that has over 40,000 machines in operation around the world and the company specializes in edge banders only. Our edge banders for sale are designed to meet your specific needs and deliver exceptional results. We love representing this brand so please feel free to check out some of the Cehisa edge bander models for sale we offer:

Cehisa Dynamic, Evo Pro, Evo Pro Plus, Rapid Elite, Evo Pro and the heavy-duty Avant series.

We recommend choosing an edge bander for sale based on the material specification and area you want to apply edge banding. Invest in the latest technology and elevate your craftsmanship to new heights with MGM’s edge banding machines.


Saber Elite is MGM Machinery’s very own edge bander machine brand and is made up of a group of specialist manufacturers around the world. Don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity to enhance your woodworking capabilities with our edge banding machines in Australia. We have three models of edge bander machines specifically targeting the Australian market and we are happy to offer the following models designed for the smaller business with features and finish in mind: Smart Edge 1, Saber Elite Smart Edge 1P and the Saber Elite Smart Edge Pro.

If you need reliable MGM edge banding machinery for sale, contact us today.


Edge Banders FAQ

What is an edge bander machine?

An edge bander machine is a woodworking tool designed to apply edge banding to the edges of materials such as plywood, particleboard, and MDF, providing a finished and more aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Why is edge banding necessary in woodworking?

Edge banding conceals the raw edges of materials, prevents moisture infiltration, enhances the durability of the piece, and gives the project a more refined look.

What materials can be used with an edge bander?

Common materials include plywood, particleboard, MDF, and other engineered wood products. The machine can apply a variety of banding materials like PVC, ABS, acrylic, melamine, wood veneer, and solid wood strips. 

How does an edge bander work?

The machine first applies adhesive to the edge of the material, then it presses the banding onto the edge and trims the excess to ensure a smooth and consistent finish. 

Are there different types of edge bander machines?

Yes, there are manual, semi-automatic, and fully automatic edge banders. The choice depends on the volume of production and precision required. 

How do I choose the right edge bander for my needs?

Consider factors like your production volume, the types of materials you work with, desired speed, features, and your budget. Consulting with machine suppliers can also provide insights. 

How should I maintain my edge bander to ensure longevity?

Regular cleaning, lubrication, and inspection is crucial. Follow the manufacturer's maintenance guidelines and schedule preventive maintenance checks.

What are potential problems or issues to look out for with edge banders?

Common issues include uneven adhesive application, misaligned banding, poor trimming, and machine jams. Regular checks and timely maintenance can prevent many of these problems.

Are there safety precautions to follow while using an edge bander?

Yes. Always read the machine's safety guidelines, use safety gear like goggles and ear protection, and never attempt to clear jams or adjust while the machine is running.

Can I use an edge bander for curved or shaped edges?

Some specialized edge banders are designed to handle curved or contoured edges. However, not all machines can accommodate non-linear edges, so it's crucial to check the machine's specifications.

Where can I buy edge banding material?

Edge banding material is available at woodworking suppliers, specialty stores, and online marketplaces.

Are there environmentally friendly edge banding options?

Yes, there are eco-friendly edge banding materials made from recycled or sustainable sources, and some adhesives are formulated with reduced or no VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds).

How do I troubleshoot common edge bander problems?

Refer to the machine's user manual, which typically has a troubleshooting section. If the issue persists, consulting with the manufacturer or a trained technician may be necessary.

Can I use an edge bander for materials other than wood?

While primarily designed for woodworking, some edge banders may accommodate specific non-wood materials. Always check the machine's specifications and test a sample if unsure.

How do I determine the right adhesive for my edge banding application?

The choice of adhesive depends on the type of banding material and the substrate. Common adhesives include EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) and PUR (Polyurethane). Consult with adhesive suppliers for the best recommendations. 

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