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What is the best Wood CNC Machine for you? Here at MGM Machinery, we can offer you the best CNC flat table machines if you are looking for high-quality Wood CNC Machines.

Flexa Pro: This flat CNC table machine can work with a variety of materials, including wood, plastic, aluminium, PVC, and alucobond. It has machine hinges and locks, as well as other horizontal milling tasks, with aggregate support. The special features include state-of-the-art advancements in routing applications, plus the boring unit of 5×5 vertical drill head, a linear tool changer that is not only accurate but efficient, along with flexibility and aggregate support, heralding a new generation in CNC control with an efficient cleaning and sweeping system.

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Extreme Ultra: This CNC flat table machine model is intended to compete in the market’s mid to high-end segment. The main body has the same strength and adaptability as the Raptor Ultra. The Extreme Ultra is built with high-quality components to provide the highest performance at a reasonable cost. The special features include the perfect results in routing applications, customisable high-speed boring based on your requirements, an accurate and efficient rotary tool changer, a material scissor lift with automated in-line with the loading unit, automatic pre-alignment system options, a cleaning and sweeping unit, and an automatic offload table. This is your one-stop option for getting the job done and we stand by the quality of our CNC Machines.


Discover the cutting-edge efficiency of our CNC nesting machine, now available for sale at MGM Machinery. Designed to revolutionise your manufacturing process, the CNC nesting machine optimises material usage by intelligently arranging and nesting various components onto a single sheet. Experience increased productivity and reduced waste as this advanced technology streamlines your production line.

Our nesting CNC machine offers precision and versatility, accommodating diverse materials and shapes, while ensuring consistent and accurate results. Embrace the future of manufacturing with MGM Machinery’s CNC nesting machine, a game-changer that elevates your production capabilities to new heights. Maximise your output and minimise costs with this state-of-the-art solution today.

Raptor Ultra: With its sturdy design and advanced setup, the Raptor Ultra flat CNC table provides a high-level solution for your nesting and drilling applications. This machine’s heavy frame allows it to conduct a variety of tasks, and it comes in a variety of configurations to meet your demands. Your productivity requirements are easily satisfied with this amount of versatility in a single machine. The completely automatic production line can load and unload materials automatically, with auto-labelling or touch-screen labelling options available. The special features include the perfect results in routing applications, customisable high-speed boring based on your requirements, an accurate and efficient rotary tool changer, an automatic pre-alignment system option, a material scissor lift with automated in-line with a loading unit, a cleaning and sweeping unit, an automatic offload table and an automatic labelling system.


The CNC nesting machine revolutionises the manufacturing process, intelligently nesting components on a single sheet, minimising waste, and maximising material usage. Equipped with advanced 5-axis capabilities, it effortlessly executes complex cuts, catering to diverse woodworking needs.

The user-friendly interface allows easy design input, while the machine’s high-speed routers and drills bring designs to life with impeccable accuracy. Don’t miss the chance to elevate your woodworking endeavours—explore our CNC nesting machines for sale and unlock the true potential of your craftsmanship today.


First, prepare your design using compatible software, then load it into the machine’s control system. Secure your wood piece firmly onto the flat table to ensure stability during the cutting process.

Set the cutting parameters and choose the desired tooling options for precise results. Activate the CNC nesting machine, and witness its high-speed routers and drills meticulously carve out your design with unparalleled accuracy. After completion, remove the finished workpiece and admire the flawless craftsmanship.

Embrace the power of innovation and efficiency with our CNC nesting machines for sale, and elevate your woodworking endeavours today.


A Wood CNC Flat Bed Table Machine combines the precision of Computer Numerical Control (CNC) with a flatbed table, providing a stable and level surface for woodworking tasks. The CNC nesting machine excels at optimising material usage by intelligently nesting components on a single sheet, reducing waste, and maximising productivity.

Its user-friendly interface allows seamless design input, while the high-speed routers and drills execute intricate cuts with unmatched accuracy. Unlock the true potential of woodworking with our cutting-edge CNC nesting machines, and experience efficiency and excellence like never before.

Which Wood CNC Flat Table Machine Should I Choose?

Selecting the ideal Wood CNC Flat Bed Table Machine is essential to optimise your woodworking endeavours, and MGM Machinery offers a diverse range to cater to your specific needs. Consider the size and capacity that suits your projects, ensuring it accommodates your workpieces with ease. Look for advanced features like 5-axis capabilities, allowing for intricate cuts and versatility.
User-friendly software and intuitive control systems streamline the operation. Additionally, check for compatibility with various file formats for design input. The precision of high-speed routers and drills is crucial for flawless results. Explore our CNC nesting machines for sale and make an informed decision to elevate your woodworking craftsmanship to new heights.

We can offer you the best CNC flat table machines and CNC flat table routers if you are looking for quality over a sub-standard Flat Bed CNC Machine for sale.

CNC Machines FAQ

What is a CNC machine?

CNC stands for Computer Numerical Control. It's a technology where machines are operated by computer-driven commands rather than manually controlled via hand wheels or levers.

What is a CNC nesting machine?

A CNC nesting machine is specifically designed to optimize material usage by intelligently arranging (or "nesting") multiple components onto a single sheet of material, minimizing waste. 

How does CNC nesting enhance productivity?

The machine reduces material handling times, streamlines the production process, and minimizes waste. Its automated process ensures rapid and accurate cutting of nested components.

What materials can be used with a CNC nesting machine?

Common materials include wood, metals, plastics, and more. However, it's crucial to ensure the CNC nesting machine you're using is designed for the specific material in question.

Question 5?How does CNC nesting reduce waste?

By using algorithms to intelligently position parts on a sheet, the machine maximizes the use of material and reduces offcuts or unused portions.

Are CNC nesting machines suitable for all manufacturing scales?

While they are beneficial for large-scale operations due to productivity and waste reduction, they can also be effective for smaller manufacturers aiming for efficiency and cost savings.

How do I choose the right CNC nesting machine for my needs?

Consider factors such as production volume, material type, machine size, software capabilities, and budget. It may be helpful to consult with machine suppliers to find the best fit.

What software is typically used with CNC nesting machines?

Proprietary nesting software often comes with the machine. This software not only controls the machine's operation but also provides nesting solutions to optimize material usage.

Are there safety precautions to follow while using a CNC nesting machine?

Always follow the machine's safety guidelines, use recommended safety gear, keep the workspace clear, and ensure all users are adequately trained on the machine.

How do I maintain my CNC nesting machine?

Regular maintenance includes cleaning, calibration, software updates, and routine inspections. Following the manufacturer's guidelines will ensure longevity and optimal performance.

How accurate are CNC nesting machines?

With precision-driven software and high-quality mechanics, CNC nesting machines offer very high accuracy, often within fractions of a millimetre.

How does CNC nesting affect overall production costs?

By minimizing material waste, reducing manual labour, and speeding up production times, CNC nesting can lead to significant cost savings in the long run.

Can I upgrade my current CNC machine to have nesting capabilities?

It depends on the machine. Some CNC machines can be upgraded with nesting software, but the machine's hardware must also be capable of supporting these functions. 

How long does it take to set up and start using a CNC nesting machine?

Initial setup, calibration, and training can vary but typically take a few days. However, once set up, daily start-up times are relatively quick.

What industries benefit most from CNC nesting technology?

Industries that require precision cutting of multiple parts from sheet materials, such as cabinetry, furniture manufacturing, metal fabrication, and aerospace, can benefit significantly from CNC nesting.

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