AES Go CNC drilling line machine is a unique solution for serial and effective applications. With its innovative structure, the AES Go Series can perform precise, fast drilling and routing applications on 5 surfaces of the panel. With routing motor and automatic tool change options, GO! can also be used in different applications other than drilling.

  • Panel Working Dimensions: X:250mm Min/Max Unlimited-Y:80mm Min/Max 1300mm- Z:8mm Min/Max 60mm.
  • Boring Unit: (10 Vertical – 3×2 Horizontal – 1 Saw Blade).
  • Spindle Motor: 5,5 kW ISO30 Spindle Motor.
  • Rotary Magazine Unit: 6 Position.
  • Software: Alphacam Essential 2D Program (One Post) or AES WOP.
  • Feeding System: Double Clamping System.
  • Double Side Work Tables: Air Flotation.
  • Work Piece Verification: Laser.
  • Feed Speed: 80 mpm.
  • Bar Code Reader: Optional.
  • Spindle Upgrade  9 KW: Optional.
  • Boring Unit Upgrade 22 Tools: Optional.
  • Machine Dimensions: L:4510m / W:2806mm / H:2200mm.
  • Weight: (Aprox) 2600 KG.