Cehisa Expert

The brand-new Expert brought to you by industry leaders Cehisa. This new machine is packed full of tech but keeps Cehisa’s unbeatable reliability at its forefront. The Expert houses 10 axis servo control from its well-appointed Touch Screen, giving the operator seamless control of the necessary stations,needed by the Australian manufacturers to get an unbeatable finish. With a new designed glue pot with quick change over capabilities with the Duo-melt head gives the bespoke artisan the freedom to change complete pots and dump the glue through the head to match the right glue to the right tape.Made on superior and well tested frame of the Pro Industry series machine solid feed speeds while maintaining reliability and finish are easily achievable.Fully customisable for the Australian working conditions and backed by 65 plus years of manufacturing experience talk to MGM today about the Cehisa Expert edgebanding machine.

  • Infeed Fence (Motorised)
  • Diamond Pre-Milling
  • 14 mpm
  • Quick Change Duo Melt Glue Station
  • Front & Back Tiltable End saws (Motorised)
  • Top & Bottom Radius cutters (Motorised)
  • Corner Rounding (Motorised)
  • Top & Bottom Radius scrapers (Multi Position)
  • Flat Scrapers
  • Vertical Nesting Tracers
  • Infrared IR Lamp At Infeed
  • Buffers
  • Touch Screen
  • Liquids
  • Service interval reminders
  • Optional PUR Glue Nozzle Applicator
  • Optional Remote Connection