MGM Machinery



The S-6500 is a mobile dust collection system with a flow capacity of 6500 m3 per hour (3800 CFM).

The body sheet thickness is 1.2 mm. The propeller sheet and blades are at least 3 mm according to fan size. The propeller is dynamically and statically balanced.

Painted with electrostatic powder paint in two colors.

IE3 high-efficiency motor is used in IP55 standards. There is a part holder that protects the propeller against balance issues and reduces the risk of fire. This is also a point of difference to others putting an end to propeller breakages with the part holder feature.   

particles larger than 25x25mm are prevented from entering the impeller. This protects the propeller against balance and makes it last longer.

Preventing the parts of 25x25mm and above from entering the propeller reduces the risk of fire.

Metal propellers are used in all product groups our products are produced in CE standards.

All products are design registered.

Utility model registration of the part holder has been made. And it is a product specific to our company only