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At MGM Machinery the quality of the spindle moulders we can offer are some of the most durable and sought-after configurations on the market. Our specifications range from standard spindle configurations with manual fences to full servo driven machines with automated rise, fall, tilt and driven fences.

With our brand Saber Elite designed and manufactured in Europe with full CE specifications, we can ensure our clients are working with the best traditional and or automated configurations of spindle moulders the cabinet and joinery industry have to offer.

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Spindle Moulders or wood sharpers are stationary woodworking machines that mill profiles on wood stock using cutter heads driven by a vertically aligned spindle. Stock or blanks are the terms used to describe the wood that is fed into a moulder. The spindle, which revolves between 3,000 and 10,000 rpm and runs along a vertical fence, can be lifted and lowered in relation to the shaper’s table.The most common type of spindle moulder has a vertical spindle; some have features like tilting of the main spindle and automation of the rise and fall of the spindle, CNC controlled fences and programable touch screen controllers.

Spindle moulding machines are often used to machine wood for a variety of applications, including shutters, windows, frames, and doors. Tenoning for window assemblage, a milling operation used to link side jambs to head jambs in window frames and frames in general, is also possible with this equipment. These are ‘secondary processing’ tools that work on solid wood and are not intended for cutting to size timber, but rather for finishing, milling, and later operations.


In today’s world, the small-scale woodworking sector has numerous issues such as profitability, productivity, quality, time delays, to name a few. Surviving in today’s highly competitive economy has become quite challenging. Machining profiles with a spindle moulder increases the efficiency in many work shops and allows for the manufacturer to step out of the box and profile or machine shapes with the use of bearings or copy rings. The spindle moulder is probably the most versatile machine in the wood working industry.


A guard set above the cutter protects the operators hands and clothes from being dragged into its blades, which is the most important safety element when working with any hi speed spindle. Jigs, fixtures like hold-downs, and accessories like feather boards all help to reduce injury and provide better cuts in general. The starting pin, also known as the fulcrum pin, is a metal rod that threads into the table a few inches away from the cutter, allowing stock to be fed into it freehand.

A power feeder keeps appendages and garments out of harm’s way while increasing output and maintaining a steady milling rate. They may have many speeds and use rubber wheels to feed materials through the cutting head.

The spindle moulder is considered a potentially hazardous machine, so you must take certain safety precautions:

  • Before using the equipment, double-check all locks and clamps.
  • When using this machine, be focused at all times. Be aware that your hand is extremely close to the cutters.
  • Ear muffs, a dust mask, and even safety gloves should be worn at all times.
  • As much as possible, keep your hands behind the guarding.
  • And of course, keep your machine clean.

In today’s competitive environment, lowering production costs is the most important source of profit, which can only be achieved by increasing production speed and reducing non-productive time spent on the floor setting up equipment and tools.