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What is the best combination woodworking machine

Looking for the answer to the best combination woodworking machine?

In this article we outline the options – so you can make an informed decision.


A combination woodworking machine is a piece of woodworking equipment that combines the functions of numerous machines while taking up less space. For example, a combined woodworking machine may have the ability to function as a table saw and then be changed to function as a shaper. A machine that combines a planer, jointer, table saw, and shaper is one example. A woodworker working in a limited shop space would wish to explore such a machine since it allows them to employ multiple different types of equipment without compromising the space required for individual machines.

The time it takes to move from one function to another, as well as the ease with which it may be done, may be a disadvantage of a combination woodworking machine. The user will not be able to simply go up to the machine and cut a piece of wood unless the equipment is already equipped as a table saw, for example. The operator must reconfigure the combined woodworking machine, which may take several minutes. As a result, the woodworking output is inefficient.

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The cost of these devices varies greatly based on their size, quality, and additional features. Only one or two operations are sometimes combined in a machine, and these machines are usually less expensive. A combination woodworking machine with five or more functions is usually more expensive. It’s also worth noting that, because the machine has more capabilities, it will require more upkeep and maintenance than a dedicated machine. To ensure that the owner can receive replacement parts when they are needed, study what sorts of blades or other often replaced parts are available for purchase at the hardware shop or online.


The advantages are easy to list. One reason for the creation of these machines is to save space. A combination machine takes up substantially less room than two independent machines of the same size. The movable table on most European machines makes them safer than ordinary North American table saws. Despite the fact that top-of-the-line combination machines might be rather costly, there is normally a cost savings when compared to individual machines of equivalent quality. Of course, the efficiency due to speed is the other main advantage – having multiple options right there to get the production done faster.


Some combination machines utilize a single motor to power all of their tasks, while others use multiple motors. Cutter heads are frequently shared: a jointer and thicknesser, for example, may utilize the same cutter head for both operations. The devices are built with well-thought-out designs that make it simple for the user to go from one function to the next.


  • SCM Mini Max Combination Woodworking Machine

SCM Minimax Classic Universal Combination Machine. As per the original specs, standard accessories are included. Universal combination machine of the highest quality at an affordable price, excellent for demanding hobbyists and crafts woodworking workshops. It’s popular since it’s simple to use. The surface worktable mechanism ensures good ergonomics by opening toward the inside of the machine. With the spindle moulder unit supplied with multiple speeds, you have the most versatility when employing the cutters. The machines have a spindle moulder hood with micrometric adjustment, which is very beneficial when working with molds. The minimax woodworking combining machines come included with a tiltable saw unit and an anodized aluminum carriage that slides close to the blade for enhanced cutting precision. A variety of CE safety equipment, such as shaft protection, are used to perform shaping operations and work on curved profiles. The large, dimensioned surfacing surface makes machining with the planer a breeze.

  • ROBLAND HX 310 PRO Combination Machine

The HX 310 PRO is the ideal 5-in-1 combo machine for you. Because of its small size, it is ideal for any workshop. A durable panel saw, spindle moulder, planer, and jointer are included (optionally a mortising machine). This workhorse combines all classic woodworking tasks. This is a 250mm saw blade with an 85mm maximum cutting depth, a 30mm spindle arbour with a 120mm capacity, and a 230mm maximum thicknesser capacity. The working length is 120 mm and the spindle diameter is 30 mm. The stroke length is 140 mm up and down. The thicknessing table’s height can be easily adjusted; the travel up and down is 230 mm. The morticer device ensures a pleasant handling experience. For the handling of big workpieces, the control levers can be removed. The morticer device ensures a pleasant handling experience. For the handling of big workpieces, the control levers can be removed. The heavy-duty tenoning table allows you to safely do any tenoning tasks. Tenoning safety hood with 260 mm diameter capacity. The sliding table’s additional support table allows for the machining of large panels. Edge planning is simple with the big, hard anodized jointer fence. The fence may be placed at any angle thanks to its innovative swivel-support bracket, leaving no gap between the fence and the table surface. 2 x 45° mitre cross-cut fence in both directions. The “fold away” support table for the cast iron power feed. You can effortlessly transfer your machine thanks to the wheelsystem.