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    Woodworking Machinery Australia

    At MGM Machinery, you can buy performance-driven, high quality and durable woodworking machinery in Australia.



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      CNC Machines

      At MGM Machinery, you can buy performance-driven, high quality and durable woodworking machinery in Australia. It’s crucial to have the correct equipment for the task and it’s even more crucial to get those tools from a reputable source at a reasonable price. Our woodworking machinery is at the forefront of innovation, combining cutting-edge technology with precision engineering.

      MGM Machinery is backed by many years of experience, we supply the finest range of woodwork machinery to the woodworking sector and our product selection has been carefully curated with the right specifications within our range to suit Australian woodworking manufacturers. Our wood CNC machines empower you to bring your creative visions to life.

      We are proud to offer our experience to train your staff properly, safely and efficiently on how to operate and maintain any of our woodworking solutions. Our CNC woodworking machinery results in exquisite finished products that reflect true craftsmanship.


      Woodworking machinery is designed to work with wood. These machines are usually powered by electric motors and are widely employed in the woodworking industry. Grinding machines are sometimes included in the category of woodworking machinery. A combination of diverse methodologies, successfully integrated into a single design plan, is required to achieve the highest level of precision during woodworking.

      The woodworking machinery in Australia is used to manipulate wood in order to get the desired dimension and shape. Woodworking machines are classified as woodcutting, banding, assembly, and finishing machines, depending on the type of job they perform.

      A woodworking machine is mostly a workshop piece of equipment that is used to process wood. Electric motors are used to power these machines, which are used in joineries sign-making, shop fitting, timber mills, and the furniture manufacturing business. They’re used for a variety of woodworking jobs, including wood cutting, drilling, and shaping. It can be controlled manually by the operator or by a computer. We also supply CNC woodworking machines appropriate for the automation of wood processing activities in industries, whereas manual machines are best suited for small-scale or obscure projects.


      The function of any woodworking machinery is to ensure the manufactured product is of high quality and the finish is excellent. A woodworking machine helps meet the needs for home improvement projects and new builds. Woodworking machinery makes the job a lot easier while also producing the results that are needed. As a result, the majority of the wood working industry prefers to obtain quality machinery to assist the production requirements needed to offer their client a quality product.


      Joinery is the production of wood products requiring a more precise and finer finish than carpentry. Joinery machines are used to manipulate wood into various shapes and sizes to produce the finest detailed work piece and ultimately an exquisite final product. There are many types of machines ranging from surface planers, thicknessers, routers, spindle moulders, edge banders and panel saws to name just a few found in most wood working workshops. All of these machines are used to perform tasks need to create a finished product efficiently.


      There are a lot of standard components in the joinery and cabinet maker industry throughout the wood working industry in general. Our range of cabinet making machinery is tailored to suit a specific purpose making their demand very popular. Other machines can form a wide variety of tasks and suit the custom one-off or bespoke manufacturer. This type of flexibility is certainly in high demand and clearly an absolute necessity for certain manufacturers in the panel processing, shop fitting and joinery cabinet making industry.


      Machines for woodworking panel saws, drilling machines, flat table machines, beam saws, edge banders and CNC woodworking machines are among the woodworking machinery that operators set up, operate, or tend. They are operated by industry-trained staff and are used by carpenters, joiners, cabinet makers, sign makers, shop fitters and the plastics industry.

      CNC Routers

      At MGM Machinery, we offer a diverse range of CNC machines, including high-quality CNC routers, designed to revolutionise your woodworking projects. As a leading provider of CNC machines in Australia, we take pride in delivering cutting-edge solutions to meet the demands of modern craftsmanship. Our CNC routers are equipped with advanced technology, providing precision, speed, and versatility in your machining operations.

      Woodworking Machinery Australia

      MGM Machinery is a premier destination for woodworking machinery in Australia, offering a wide range of top-of-the-line CNC machines, including CNC routers. As a leading provider of CNC machines in Australia, we cater to woodworking professionals and enthusiasts alike.

      Our CNC routers are at the forefront of innovation, providing cutting-edge technology and precise performance to elevate your woodworking projects. With MGM Machinery's CNC routers in Australia, you can accomplish intricate cuts, detailed engravings, and flawless designs with ease and efficiency.

      Experience the perfect synergy of craftsmanship and technology as you explore our selection of CNC routers, designed to meet the diverse needs of modern woodworking. Our range of commercial woodworking machinery is tailored to meet high-volume production demands without compromising on quality.

      Wood CNC Machine

      Discover the ultimate precision and craftsmanship with wood CNC machines at MGM Machinery, the leading provider of CNC machines in Australia. Our wood CNC routers are designed to revolutionise the woodworking industry, offering cutting-edge technology and unparalleled performance. As the pinnacle of innovation and efficiency, our CNC routers enable you to achieve intricate designs, detailed carvings, and flawless cuts with ease.

      Our wood CNC machines cater to all skill levels, empowering you to bring your creative visions to life.

      Cabinet Making Machinery

      MGM Machinery is your one-stop destination for high-quality cabinet-making machinery, featuring an impressive selection of CNC machines in Australia, including CNC routers. As a trusted provider of woodworking solutions, we understand the importance of precision and efficiency in cabinet making. Our CNC routers offer cutting-edge technology, allowing you to create intricate designs, precise cuts, and flawless joinery with ease.

      Our cabinet-making machinery ensures accurate cuts, smooth edges, and seamless joinery. Experience innovation as you explore our range of CNC routers in Australia, ensuring that your cabinet-making projects are a testament to craftsmanship and quality, courtesy of MGM Machinery's top-notch solutions.